Custom engineering production

VELOSTEEL TRADING Company, Inc. is equipped with technical facilities
for custom engineering production to this extent:

1. Turning and pressing

  - Turning on multi-spindle machines (rod to diameter 50mm)
  - Pressing, cutting, shaping (eccentric presses 5 to 160 tons)

2. Forming

  - Cold forming (hydraulic presses up to 200 tons)

3. Heat treatment of steel

  - Case-hardening (in the salt bath, in the rotary kiln)
  - Hardening (in the thermal bath)
  - tempering
  - annealing

4. Phosphating

    Basic material:Steel (Size of phosphate parts: 20 to 500 mm)
    Specifications of plating: Phosphate conversion coating
EN 12476-Fe//Z nph//r,z,g//1-30//T2T6
zinc phosphate, 1 to 30 g / m2
    Possibilities of using: a) Conservation with sealing means (serves as corrosion protection)
b) impregnation with soap (reduction of friction when Cold forming)
    Design Matt gray

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